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Welcome to the Mom Friends Podcast where we, your internet Mom Friends, give you advice on adulting! Join us every Wednesday for a new episode

Mar 21, 2019

Just recording this one was a Big Win for us! Listen as we talk about our favorite books, Adulting and limes. Wait, limes??




Dec 23, 2018

With the holidays upon us, so is stress, money issues, family drama and working overtime. Take a break with us and get some advice how to deal with the season.



Oct 20, 2018

This week we talk about urban legends and get a little spooky! What did you believe in when you were little? Also, what age should people trick or treat and more!


Oct 8, 2018

Telling people “No” when they ask us for things, time, or emotional labor is very hard, but very necessary! Also, when to visit the Gyno and racism in the classroom.




Sep 20, 2018

**Trigger Warning- talk about sexual assault, sexual harassment and related topics**

This week we talk about addressing sexual harassment when you see it, the “mystery” of women and texting etiquette.